Will Fostering Affect My Children?

A Family Decision

Fostering can be a great way of enhancing family life for those who already have children.

Fostering involves everyone in the family. It is vital that your children play a key role in the decision to foster and that you take plenty of time to discuss what it will mean for them.

From the initial decision to foster, to welcoming children and young people into their home, the children of foster carers play an integral role in the whole experience. They can play a big part in helping others to settle in to their family home and can often form lasting relationships.



It’s really important you talk to your children about the impact fostering may have on them. We also provide access to experienced social workers to help understand how fostering might affect your children. When undertaking the assessment to be a foster carer all birth children are included in the assessment and they will meet the social worker undertaking the assessment both within a family setting and also 1-1 to help your family members understand fostering and how this can impact on your family.

Furthermore the preparation training that you undertake has a session where your own children can attend to get an insight into what fostering will mean to them. We also arrange a yearly support group for carers own children so they can talk through any worries they may have with experienced support staff and other children in the same situation as they are.


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