Welcome to Ideal Fostering

Ideal Fostering (IF) is an Independent Fostering Agency, based in the heart of Birmingham, providing family based high quality care for Children and Young People. IF is dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for looked after children. IF is committed and focused on the placement needs of children and young people. Whether you are a prospective foster carer looking to join a supportive agency or a Local Authority looking to place a child/young person or a young person seeking more about Ideal Fostering or a professional looking for more information from Ideal Fostering or a person with experience in Social Work, Fostering, and other related child focused jobs seeking employment ... please feel free to contact Ideal Fostering on our telephone number 0121 356 7570, our website or by emailing us at info@idealfostering.com You can read a little more about us here, or you can read our full Statement of Purpose.


Our Aims and Objectives

  • The provision of safe and stable high quality care in a family setting for children of all ages placed with our foster carers.
  • A commitment to provide children a safe home, a sense of security and belongingness and preparing them for permanency and independent living.
  • Giving priority to the needs of children and provide appropriate care to meet the identified needs of children placed with our foster carers.
  • Respecting and promoting diversity both in the recruitment and selection of Foster Carers and the placement of children.
  • A commitment to Childrens' Rights and the adoption of Child Centred Methodologies in our selection, recruitment and training of Foster Carers.
  • Ensuring a close liaison with all the professionals, involved in decision making and working with the children in our placements through the use of an inter-professional style of working.

  • A commitment in ensuring the best possible support, including out of hours support, training, and remuneration to staff and foster carers.

  • A commitment in the retention of Foster Carers (through good remuneration, training and support and embracing foster carers as partners).

  • Ensuring that the experience and expertise they offer and gain by being foster carers for IF are available to the children. IF also believes that retention of good Foster Carers is important for children in terms of continuity and consistency of their experience in foster care. Please telephone us or visit our contact page to find out more.

Ideal Fostering
Bridge House | 509 Aldridge Road | Great Barr
Birmingham B44 8NA
Tel: (0121) 356 7570 | Fax: (0121) 345 0770
E-mail: info@idealfostering.co.uk