Reading ‘Everyday Parenting’ in the Sun

As a foster carer I enjoy reading books that help me to develop my understanding of therapeutic foster care.

One such book is ‘Everyday Parenting with Security and Love’ written by Dr Kim S. Golding.

I have been reading this book for a couple of weeks and just finished the last chapter whilst soaking up the sun in the back garden.

I found this book a bit tricky to get into when I first started reading it and I’m still not clear on lots of things that Kim Golding talks about. Having said that, I have learned a lot from reading this book though.

I think that the concepts of blocked trust which is experienced by children whose needs were not met as infants is particularly useful. And, the concept of blocked care that parents can slip in and out of when their care is being rejected by their child is also useful.

Now that I have finished this book and familiarised myself with the concepts that Kim Golding uses, I will go back to the beginning and reread it to get a much clearer understanding of its content.

Hopefully when I have a clearer understanding of this book, I will be able to put some of the suggestions that Kim Golding makes into practice.

I’m hoping that the sun keeps on shining over the next couple of weeks so that I’m able to reread this book in my back garden whilst continuing to work on my tan - fingers crossed!
July 2020



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