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Ideal Fostering is a well established Independent Fostering Agency, serving the West Midlands with an outstanding reputation in the area. We are actively looking for foster carers in Burntwood where like many areas there is sadly a real shortage of loving, devoted foster carers.

Could this be your calling? Are you a caring, patient and empathic person? If you can offer plenty of love and support to a child and have a spare room in your home, you may be our Ideal candidate!

We have an experienced team of social workers, support workers and managers who provide comprehensive 24/7 support to all of our carers on their unique fostering journey. We also are renowned in the area for our exceptional unparalled levels of support to our carers.

“Managers and Staff are enthusiastic and passionate about children, young people and foster carers”. Ofsted 2018

We pay our Foster carers, very deservedly, some of the highest rates of pay in the country. They also have access to a bespoke high quality training programme supporting our foster carers in their journey; who we see as both professionals and our partners in our relentless mission to achieve only the very best outcomes for our foster children.

Over the years our team has also worked hard to achieve strong relationships with the local authority providing for Burntwood making us ideally placed to offer high quality child focussed placements with our foster carers.

“Children and young people are provided with stability and security”. Ofsted 2018

Would like to hear more? Would like to start your journey with us? Please contact us and a member our team will be very pleased to speak to you!

Let’s make our children stronger together

Click Here for information on the types of foster care we offer. Alternatively, Contact Us for more details on how you can get involved in foster care.

Things to do in Burntwood 

As a foster family in Burntwood, there are various activities and attractions you can explore in the area to create memorable experiences for the children in your care. Here are some family-friendly things to do in Burntwood and its surrounding areas:

  1. Local Parks: Burntwood has several parks and green spaces where children can play and enjoy outdoor activities. These include Burntwood Park and Redwood Park.
  2. Library Activities: Check with the local library for children's events and reading programs. Libraries often host storytelling sessions and craft activities.
  3. Community Events: Keep an eye out for community events and festivals happening in Burntwood and nearby towns. These can include fairs, markets, and seasonal celebrations.
  4. Sports and Leisure Centers: Burntwood Leisure Centre and surrounding facilities offer swimming pools, fitness classes, and sports activities suitable for all ages.
  5. Day Trips: Consider day trips to nearby attractions such as Drayton Manor Theme Park, Alton Towers, or the National Memorial Arboretum.
  6. Nature Walks: Explore the local countryside and nature reserves. Burntwood is surrounded by picturesque landscapes, making it ideal for family walks and outdoor adventures.
  7. Local Cafes and Restaurants: Discover family-friendly eateries in Burntwood where you can enjoy a meal together. Some places offer play areas for children.
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